Our Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Eliminates Those Ugly Black Streaks!

What are those ugly black streaks on your roof? Those “black streaks” don’t just make your roof look dirty. Those ugly streaks are comprised of organic growth such as algae, mold, mildew, lichen and moss.That growth is eating into your roof, causing devastating granular loss to your shingles. Our low pressure roof cleaning can extend the life of your shingles and save you money by safely killing all of that organic growth!

Our Special Roof Cleaning Process Protects Your Roof AND Its Warranty.

Did you know that the pressure used to clean a roof should be no greater than that of a garden hose? The shingles on your roof are fragile due to the granular surface on them and can be easily damaged. Using the proper amount of pressure when roof cleaning is critical so as not to void the warranty on your shingles. Our soft roof cleaning process is effective in killing the organic growth but is also safe for your shingles and will not void your roof’s warranty.

We take special care to protect your landscaping.

We bag the downspouts that exit above grade so our soaps and detergents don’t damage your landscaping. We use a multiple man crew that continues to water down your landscaping while we are cleaning in case any detergent escapes the gutters.

Our roof cleaning is guaranteed for 36 months that there will be no additional organic growth. If any significant organic regrowth occurs, we come out and re-clean your roof at no additional fee!

Extend the life of your roof and schedule you Roof Cleaning today!

Why replace your roof when you can get many more good years out of it with our safe and effective Roof Clean? 2019 will see much more organic growth than normal due to the extremely wet conditions we have had this year. We are scheduling roof cleanings for early Spring and would love to get you on the list! Give us a call or contact us via our online form to request a free estimate today.