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    Harrisonburg Pressure Washing

    We provide soft pressure washing to Harrisonburg pressure washing clients to clean their home without damaging it. Soft pressure washing, also known as low pressure cleaning or low pressure washing, is a term used to describe a safe and effective process used by professional pressure washing companies for cleaning a variety of exterior surfaces on buildings and homes.


    Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

    The black streaking and organic growth on your roof can be safely and effectively cleaned using our LOW Pressure roof cleaning equipment designed to clean, disinfect, and bring your asphalt shingles back to life. We offer a 3 year guarantee against any significant re-growth and can make your roof look new again!


    Gutter Cleaning Services

    Nobody likes to spend their entire weekend on a ladder to clean out nasty gutters! Let us do the work for you! Our team of professionals remove leaves, twigs, and debris and ensure your gutters and downspouts flow properly! Clean and properly adhered gutters and downspouts prevent water damage to your home and ensure it's protected from the elements. We can even hydro test your gutters to ensure they are working properly!


    Residential Window Cleaning

    Residential window cleaning is a service that feels great every time you have it done!  Bright, clean, and streak free glass lets the light in and makes a great first impression! 


    Specialty Stain Removal

    Do you have stained concrete sidewalks, patios, and driveways? Let the pros at Squeeky Clean safely and effectively revitalize your concrete and make it sparkle again!  We use the latest industrial grade eco-friendly soaps, equipment, and techniques to remove organic growth, grease  & oil stains, and even rust stains from concrete.

    log home restoration

    Log Home Restoration

    Our team of seasoned craftsmen can revitalize your log home and help you protect your structure from moisture damage, UV exposure, wood destroying insects, and normal wear and tear, prolonging both the life and the beauty of your log home. We can safely and effectively clean, sand, caulk, and seal or stain any of your exterior or interior log home surfaces. Trust us to be your lifelong partner in keeping your home looking and feeling new.


    Deck Restoration

    Whether your brand new deck needs to be stained or your  20-year old deck is in need of some maintenance, we can help you maintain, preserve, and restore your deck or other wood structure to enhance its life, look, and feel!  We have the experience and  complete solutions to help you get your deck looking great again!


    Protective Coatings

    We specialize in applying several types of protective coatings. From the basic interior/exterior painting to a complex 2 part epoxy garage floor finish, we can help beautify and protect your concrete floors, metal railings, shutters, aging gutters and downspouts, home exterior and interior, and your concrete driveway, walkway, or patio.

    steam cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning & Home Sanitation

    We use to power of steam to safely and immediately disinfect your home’s surfaces. From countertops to upholstery, to mattresses, and shower areas, we can sanitize, disinfect, and kill microscopic growth without the use of harsh chemicals.