First thing’s first!

If you are a log home owner then you understand the importance of keeping up with the maintenance of the logs that support your home. Log homes are beautiful and filled with character, but without the proper protection they can fall victim to mold, rotting, discoloration and insect infestation. Prior to treating or staining your log home it is essential to have an inspection to detect and fix minor problems before they become major, costly issues. Often times small problem areas can be fixed by simply using epoxies or putty. However, if these areas are not spotted early the wood may need professional replacement. Keeping the appearance authentic and rustic is different for each home and should be treated as such.

What factors affect the appearance?

The frequency and intensity of maintenance to your log home depends on many factors that are important to keep in mind when scheduling or performing treatments to your home. Mother nature and her elements play a huge role in this. The sun, wind, rain, hail, snow, etc. are all determinants to the longevity of your homes wood and stain. Often, this coincides with the geographic location that your home is built in. It is essential to make sure the wood is completely clean and bare before applying any stains in order to ensure the product works as it is supposed to.

How do I choose a stain?

Sashco Log Home Stains provides tips to make sure you choose the right stain based on all the specific characteristics of your home. According to Sashco, the first element to consider depends on whether or not your wood has already been stained. If your logs have been previously stained it is important to choose a product that is compatible with previous chinking and caulking work.

It’s essential to recognize the differences between the three major types of stains and when each should be used. In order to choose a stain that will maximize protection Sashco recommends using a surface stain or a shallow penetrating stain. These are included in all three of Sashco’s stains.

Surface Stains

Sashco has a variety of surface stains including Sashco’s Capture® Log Stain and Cascade® system and Symphony® interior clear coat that are great to use on projects where water based stains were previously used. These surface stains are specifically great for vertical wood surfaces, like railings and have excellent, long lasting quality.

Shallow Penetrating Stains

Sascho has two transformation products that provide the results needed for this type of product. Similar to the surface stains, the shallow penetrating stains are good for vertical surfaces, but are recommended for surfaces that were previously treated with oil based or unknown stains. These types of stain penetrate into wood surfaces from one to three cells deep.

Deep Penetrating Oil Stains

Lastly, Sashco’s deep penetrating oil stains are not meant for restoration projects and can penetrate as much as ¼ “ deep. These stains are excellent for decks and roofing materials, but the desired appearance can be difficult to keep up with. It’s also important to note that this type of stain does not work well with other finishing products, like sealants.

Still have questions?
If you still have questions about the appropriate stain or any of Sashco’s products, Squeeky Clean would love to hear from you! We can provide professional advice and application of any of the above products.